Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too hot to handle!

Most in the area know, the battle for Supervisor in Lynn Township is between two brothers: Steve Feinour and Scott Feinour.

Most don’t know, the two brothers have not spoken to each other in over ten years.

Organizers tried to arrange a debate, but the two brothers could not agree on a date, so there is no debate. Should they change their mind, I’ll offer to rent a hall, maybe even hire a constable! They can bring their own moderator!

But having no debate did not stop the war of words. Words of which, at least according to the Morning Call, cannot be printed. The Morning Call refused to print Scott Feinour's response!

The Feinours were asked, what is the major issue facing Lynn Township.

To Steve Feinour, maintaining the efficiency of the Lynn Township government was the major issue. Hmm, that’s rather nonchalant.

Scott wrote, the major issue facing Lynn Township is honesty. Whoa, there is some color! What's the deal?

Scott included a number of citations, each a separate allegation of dishonest government. I could go through the allegations, but I’ll have leave that to Scott Feinour. I just can't find them online anymore.

Here is what the Morning Call told candidate Scott Feinour.

Hello Scott -- The Morning Call will not publish your response in the Voters' Guide. It is potentially libelous. You must answer the question that was asked, without making accusations against another person.
Here is the extent of what may be published, as you sent it:

D.O.B.: 1962 EDUCATION: Northwestern Lehigh High School, 1980; Lehigh County Vocational Technical School, 1980 OCCUPATION: Snyder Construction, 22 years QUALIFICATIONS: Lynn Township Vacancy Board, 4 years; Continual attendance of Lynn Township BOS meetings, 12 years; Knowledge of Township issues: Past, Present, Future; Past Director, NTFC, 12 years; Actively served committees, NTFC: (i.e. Tanker, By-Laws, Rescue, Fundraising, Audit.) RESPONSE: Honesty.

If you want to revise your response so it reflects what you hope to do if elected, you must do so no later than this Wednesday. The question we asked was "What do you view as the major issue in this campaign and how will you address it?"

Ann Bartholomew Barbara Williams

Scott’s response, which appeared only briefly on the League of Women Voters – Voters Guide was since removed and replaced after the Morning Call objected. The new one in the Voter Guide is the Morning Call's so-called approved version.


Anonymous said...


Wow. Did you look at the rest of the LoWV website? It says they are nonpartisan, please. Every article is right out of the liberal/progressive playbook. These people are in charge of running our elections?


David C. Najarian said...


Actually, Scott Feinour is the Democrat, yes, a Democrat running on a platform of honest government with "reasonable budgets that do not require property taxes".

Scott's brother, Steve, the GOP candidate, opposes the effort to reduce property taxes, while the Township has enjoyed double digit surpluses, oft near 6 figures, in 11 of the last 12 years.

northernjustice said...


The candidates views on Ag Zoning, rezoning, property taxes, conflicts of interest, and abuse of office can be found here.

As always, if you have any questions about Steven's revolving views, please feel free to contact Justin Smith at anytime!

All the best,